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GeoSpark Analytics: A New Paradigm in Threat Assessment

The age of information sounds more like a misnomer today. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being produced every day, this is the ‘age of information overload.’ All of this is, by far, more information than the human brain is capable of processing. Yet, a closer look at corporate and federal entities reveals that the use of manual data processing methods to generate insights is still prevalent. This is not only time-consuming but also increases the chances of human bias and errors. Especially when it comes to threat analysis, organizations subscribe to multiple information tools, run by a team of analysts that synthesizes hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of information on a daily basis. But what if there was a platform that automated the process of manual data collection, served insights quicker, and enabled analysts to focus more on operational decision-making? All this and more is now possible with GeoSpark Analytics’ AI-driven threat assessment and risk management platform Hyperion which packs the power of ten analysts in one solution.

GeoSpark Analytics was founded by a team of industry and United States Intelligence Community veterans with a deep understanding of threat analysis and data modeling. “What we have developed with Hyperion is a machine-driven ecosystem that integrates the latest data from across the world—from news reporting to social media information—with AI and advanced analytics to reveal actionable insights that help with risk management, threat analysis, and security,” explains Omar Balkissoon, CEO of GeoSpark Analytics.

Hyperion is a SaaS-based solution built on Amazon’s cloud which can be up and running in a client’s environment on day one with no integration costs. It offers a single pane of glass view of all information, “but more important is what we do with that information,” adds John Goolgasian, COO, GeoSpark Analytics. “We are an applied machine learning company, in the sense that we build ML models to look at data from a global perspective through natural language reporting of activities and situational awareness. That is the real power of Hyperion.” Another feature which makes this next-gen platform truly unique is the use of global tipping and queuing. In addition to informing users about current situations, Hyperion also offers forecasts so that organizations are not just reacting but proactively preparing to combat security issues. The platform goes the extra mile and provides insights into areas that the company was not aware could pose a risk to operations.

A befitting illustration of GeoSpark Analytics’ value proposition is its client/partnership with an international travel safety company. The client had several operation centers around the world to maintain travel safety, and analysts in these centers produced about 20 threat reports per day.

With every new client we learn something different, and we take that back and roll it into our product

In an attempt to improve their reporting efficiency, the client reached out to GeoSpark Analytics and requested a turnaround of 60-80 reports daily. “We entered into a pilot program with the travel safety company, and in just two months, the analysts were not only able to significantly improve their output but attained a deeper understanding of security,” reveals Balkissoon. For one of the centers based in France with a focus on the entire African continent, the first thing the lead analyst did in the morning was use Hyperion to view areas that projected increased activity or decreased stability, based on the analysis revealed by advanced ML models. Hyperion empowered the user with a synoptic view of their entire area of responsibility and in turn helped improve the entire organization’s workflow.

What makes Hyperion a cut above is that it is designed to suit different industry segments, whether corporate, NGO, or government security operations. To stay ahead of the game, the company uses a concept called immersive engineering. At the outset of any project, GeoSpark Analytics takes the initiative to thoroughly understand a client’s pain points and the current workflow. “With every new client we learn something different, and we take that back and roll it into our product. In the end, 80 percent of our solution is applicable to every kind of firm, and for the rest 20 percent we are open to customization,” states Goolgasian.

Given their strong customer-centric nature, the company is looking at expanding their solution through a mobile application to reach a wider client base. One area that GeoSpark Analytics is particularly focused on is fine-tuning their data models to understand the world even better as it evolves. “The time is now. Today, data is ubiquitous, ML is evolving, and we are packaging it all into an easily consumable product, and, more importantly, showcasing that at scale. As the only organization doing that, we are truly revolutionary,” ends Balkissoon.