Top 10 Threat Management Companies - 2018 Enhancing Threat Analysis with IoP (Internet of People)

Nader Fathi, CEO, Kiana.ioNader Fathi, CEO
It is a beautiful day; the employees of a bank overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge are working diligently to assist customers with their transactions. Suddenly, a group of masked individuals enter the building with firearms, declare that they are robbing the bank, and with their impeccable planning, succeed to get away with the money. Subsequently, the security footage of the event is analyzed, but even with the firm’s state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, investigators find it challenging to identify the criminals. This results in the need for a solution that can make security infrastructure smarter. With Kiana, banks and other physical locations can detect all wireless devices entering their building, and fuse this information to images captured by the security cameras. With this data, investigators can easily check the security footage from the days leading up to the incident for the same device and identify the perpetrators or set an alert to notify them in case the device is detected in any of their other banks. “Kiana is a software-only solution that uses existing infrastructure to capture data from disparate locations and systems, and brings it to a central location to identify desirables and undesirables,” says Nader Fathi, CEO of Kiana Analytics.

The company offers two cloud-based solutions—Kiana Engage and Kiana Secure—that use patented technology to assist clients with the management of threats. Kiana Engage collects and evaluates data on the people in a specified location by leveraging real-time location services. This can help organizations direct individuals to their nearest exit based on their position, resulting in the efficient evacuation of the building in case of emergencies. Kiana Secure makes the current infrastructure of a building smarter without replacing any of the existing hardware. By leveraging forensic analytics, the solution combines video streams with location analytics to provide vital information for crime scene investigations. “Kiana Secure eliminates the need for hiring additional security staff with its ability to identify suspicious individuals quickly, it’s a force multiplier” adds Fathi.

Kiana is a software-only solution that uses existing infrastructure to capture data from disparate systems, and brings it to a central location to identify desirables and undesirables

To install Kiana’s solutions, clients need to provide the company with a physical 2D map of the location, and information on the placement of network access points throughout the area. Further, Kiana’s technology can be implemented without the need for installing software applications on any device. Kiana’s solutions enable organizations to detect all wireless devices—iOS, Android, or Bluetooth —and capture real-time data every three seconds. With the solutions’ unrivaled location and forensic analytics, companies can locate suspicious individuals with accuracy, tie the data to video, and gain information that might prove vital in investigating an ongoing or future security incident.

Highlighting Kiana’s unique value proposition is their success story with a financial institution, where Kiana aided the organization to locate their employees inside the campus and identify malicious devices. Kiana provided the client with a heat map to pinpoint the location of employees and assisted the control center in identifying key employees in order to lead the staff to safety in case of emergencies. Further, Kiana helped the firm identify rogue devices, establish access control to prevent network security breaches, and minimize the threat of cyberattacks.

Currently, Kiana has active projects with the Department of Homeland Security to secure transportation hubs and make travel safer for passengers coming to the U.S. Looking ahead, the company plans to collaborate with multinational companies that are looking for breakthrough technologies. “We want to work with companies that can transform the collaboration with Kiana into a win-win situation for their customers and us,” concludes Fathi.