Top 10 Threat Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

QuadraNet: A Holistic Approach to Enterprise Security

Ilan Mishan, Co-Founder & CEO, QuadraNetIlan Mishan, Co-Founder & CEO
With information security threats intensifying day by day, the stakes are at an all-time high for nearly every enterprise. From DDoS attacks that cause revenue-draining downtime to security breaches that tend to break customer trust, cyberattacks have increased manifold; changed in form, function, and sophistication; and induced a paradigm shift in the threat landscape. Organizations are at the risk of losing their way in a maze of uncertainty as they grapple with complex technology, data proliferation, increased regulation, and skills shortage. In the light of this, empowering enterprises across the U.S.—regardless of their size and location—with dedicated servers, cluster management, complex hosting, and colocation solutions, all of which are PCI compliant, is QuadraNet. A leading provider of scalable hosting and data center solutions, the company has centered its business on protecting its clients’ infrastructure and data. Ilan Mishan, co-founder and CEO of the 17-year old company, asserts, “We noticed an increasing level of sophistication surfacing due to DDoS attacks year after year, making it harder for enterprises to protect themselves with their outdated security software and solutions.” This spurred QuadraNet to partner with Radware, a leading security appliance company, to deliver a DDoS protection solution—Vest— that is updated in real-time to protect organizations from emerging threats as well as sophisticated attacks that other solutions fail to detect.

Leveraging their deep-seated industry know-how and experience, QuadraNet offers enterprises a wide array of solutions that include, but not limited to, customized infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployment, data center space/colocation, public/private cloud, server management, DDoS protection, CDN hosting, and bandwidth solutions. “We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to determine what it would take to make their lives easier and accordingly devise our solutions,” adds Mishan. “It is one of the factors that makes us unique.”

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to determine what it would take to make their lives easier and accordingly devise our solutions

QuadraNet’s proactive server management solution, for example, with its intelligent server monitoring capability, solves the problem of security breaches before they even emerge with Linux and Windows-based servers. “The solution constantly monitors the servers and if any service goes down, immediately notifies our staff, who log into the server and take the necessary action on clients’ behalf,” explains Mishan. In addition, QuadraNet also has geographically diverse, fully compliant, and certified data centers across Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New Jersey.

Highlighting QuadraNet’s prowess, Mishan cites a case study involving one of its clients,—a leading press release distribution company that relies heavily on online availability for its business. In this case, QuadraNet was able to successfully detect and mitigate DDoS attacks before it even affected any of their public infrastructure or operations—adding ultimate peace of mind, ensuring high availability on a DDoS protected network.

According to Mishan, besides the company’s proactive server management; a variety of dedicated servers and colocation solutions; private clouds and hybrid service approach, QuadraNet’s unparalleled customer support, and fervor to stay a step ahead of the industry trends give them an edge over others. “We never rest on our laurels and strive to be a company that constantly innovates,” he states deterministically. For the future, QuadraNet is looking to continuously advance its solutions to meet the emerging needs of customers. The company is also planning to expand its datacenters to more locations as well as introduce a new channel partner program in the next few months.